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Property ConsultationInitially we will have a verbal consultation with our clients by visiting the home/business. Should the client wish to continue we will then offer a written report.

Ideas for sellingIf the client is looking too sell then we will gear our recommendation towards the open market offering our expert advice which will give the client the best chance to sell on.

Ideas for rentingThe rental market is very competitive so we will ensure that the property gets the attention it requires in order to rent it out. Our approach is very flexible and we will establish what is required to suit the appropriate rental market. Keeping costs in line with the expected return.

De clutteringSometimes people with busy lives can just generally seemed overwhelmed by the amount of things they gather over the years. We lead very busy lives nowadays and time is something we do not have enough of! It sometimes just takes a fresh pair of eyes and some new energy to put the sparkle back into your home.

Minor tidy up worksThis could simply be a touch up of paint to a tidy up in the garden. The job is never too small to make a difference and we have the trades on hand to help!

Supply of contractorsIt is very easy to find a trades person but very difficult to find a good one! Let us take the pressure off and recommend one of our well known professional contractors who we have used on our projects.

Renovation worksWe undertake minor to major renovation works depending on the type of property. All types of renovations considered.

Landlord ServicesShould you require ongoing services for your property/properties we have a variety of services for Landlords which can assist you. To find out more please do give us a call.



JEWELS PROPERTIES LTD is a property specialist consultancy company with hands on experience in revamping properties. We take on the smallest projects such as minor staging works which may require simply a touch up or clearout and we take on the much larger more challenging projects such as full renovation works.


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