We are delighted with Julie’s results. The process was simple, she guided us throughout. Our home is now exactly how we want it!

Mr Mrs Cohen – Edinburgh

Our property is now looking great! It just needed a fresh pair of eyes. Jewels Properties was fantastic. Helpful advice, but with our own input. Superb service.

Nigel Shipley & Steven Broadbent – West Lothian

The décor in our house was tired. We were very busy with no time spare to do any wok. Julie gave us a consultation and her ideas were spot on. Easy, no hassle and reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend Jewels Properties.

Gail & Micheal Hains – Sirling

I rent out a flat and it was always a concern in such a competitive rental market what I would do if the property needed to be re advertised. It was certainly in need of a revamp and I must say Julie made the process simple and adapted our needs to fit the property market in order to fill the tenancy. It was occupied in no time at all. It just had the edge it needed.

Steven Fraser – Edinburgh

I felt safe knowing that Julie would listen to what I wanted. She sourced the contractors and furnishings and the finished product is great. I would recommend this service.

Lee Catterell – Fife

I was really surprised that I could get a company to help with ideas on my place without it being expensive. The work is good and I didn’t even realise I had paid a fee!

Julia Kennedy - Edinburgh

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